Diigo Linkroll / WebApp

Users of the Diigo social bookmarking tool can easily embed a 'Linkroll' in their Site by grabbing the code from the Diigo Tools Linkrolls page and embedding it using the Embed Code tool

This is an example of a Diigo linkroll generated using the script generated on the Diigo LinkRoll tools page

For a specific project, I had a need to make it very simple to use the same basic code and easily change the tag being displayed so I created a WebApp to take two parameters - 'count' and 'tag' that I could use over and over

This is an embedded WebApp created to display a Diigo LinkRoll
The  URL for this WebApp is

(note the parameters)

This was embedded using the Embed URL tool

The basic script for the WebApp was taken from an earlier version of the Diigo Tools Linkrolls page

Anyone interested can view the code here