Migration Issues II

Classic Site 'disappeared'

Classic Google Sites has been deprecated. This has been widely notified for a long time. 

In this thread it states that:

If you take no action before September 1, any classic Sites you own are automatically:

See also this help centre article:  https://support.google.com/sites/answer/10598263?hl=en&ref_topic=6372873 

Editing of Classic Sites has now been disabled

If your classic Site has disappeared since September 1st, then it is likely it has been migrated to New Sites as described above, but it is worth checking https://sites.google.com/site/sites/system/app/pages/meta/dashboard/deleted to see if your Site has been deleted.

If your Site has been migrated, you can find your draft migrated Site by going to https://sites.google.com/new . Make sure you are signed in to Google with the account that was the owner of the original classic Site.

You can also review the status of your classic Sites by going to https://sites.google.com/classicsitesmanager 

I can't see my Site

If you are unable see your site in your My Sites list (sites.google.com - or for New Sites, sites.google.com/new or in your Google Drive) then almost certainly you are not signed in with the correct account - ie. an account that has editor or owner access. 

For New Sites, also check your Google Drive Trash/Bin to see if the site is inadvertently deleted (this search will find any deleted sites - type:site is:trashed). Make sure you're signed in with the same account that you created the site with

If your site is a Google Workspace site (address starts sites.google.com/a/DOMAINNAME/..) you need to sign in with your @DOMAINNAME account.  If you cannot remember what your account details are ask your domain administrator.  If you are the domain administrator and cannot remember your domain admin sign in details you can reset them at:

 https://www.google.com/a/DOMAINNAME/ForgotAdminAccountInfo .