Migration Issues

Site too large

Users with Classic Sites with a large number of pages will not be able to migrate their Site(s) without first making some changes.

(See this page for Google Sites size limits - these have been slowly increasing so it's worth checking even if you've already seen it before)

The recommended approach is to split it into multiple subsites. This has to be done by making copies of the original Site, then deleting subsets of pages to get below 1,000 pages and then migrating each sub-site which may then be linked together.
(An example of a linked sub Site can be seen by clicking on '
Sub-Site' in this Site's menu)

You can only copy sites you own.

  1. On a computer, open your site in classic Google Sites.

  2. At the top right, click More actions > Manage site.

  3. Click Copy this Site.

  4. Next to "Site Name," enter a name.

  5. At the top, click Copy.

See also this thread about size limits. - there are indications the limits may be raised at some point