'Naked' domains

By default, Google Sites have to be mapped to a subdomain and cannot be mapped to a naked domain.

A 'naked' domain is an internet domain name without the "www" or any other subdomains. For example, computerlanguage.com is a naked domain but www.computerlanguage.com is not, because it includes the www subdomain.

If you want your naked domain to point to your Google Site then you have to redirect the naked domain to your custom url

  • If your domain provider lets you redirect your naked domain to the subdomain address (e.g. make example.com redirect to www.example.com) then you should configure that

  • If you use Google Domains you can use its Synthetic records to get both your http:// and https:// top-level domain redirected as demonstrated in Steegle's video at 6:40.

  • If you want both your http and your https top=level/naked domain to redirect to your www address then you can use NakedSSL free of charge for one domain.

  • Alternatively add an A record of @ (or your naked domain) that points to (a free service from wwwizer.com)