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This site is a collection of information and "How tos" about New Google Sites provided by Google Sites Product Expert 'perjury.' 

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New Sites vs Classic Sites

The stated intention is that the most used features from classic Sites will be incorporated gradually. While not ALL the features will be re-introduced, Google say they are constantly monitoring feedback and prioritizing heavily used and top requested features. 

Feature Comparison

Google Sites specialist Steegle has published a feature by feature comparison table showing what functionality is currently available in New Sites -  See for this and a wealth of other information relating to New Sites


Make sure you send feedback to Google for your feature requests and bug reports

Transition from Classic to New Google Sites

In 2020, all owners of existing Classic Sites received the email shown below containing important information about the transition from Classic to New Sites for all Classic Sites owners.

Steegle has written an excellent article about the deprecation timeline

There is also relevant information in this support article

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"In 2016, we launched an updated Google Sites (referred to in this email as "new Sites") designed to help you create websites without programming experience, optimize across mobile and desktop, and co-build with real-time collaboration. In 2017, we announced that we are replacing the previous Sites experience, referred to as "classic Sites" with our new Google Sites product. Since that announcement, we've invested in the new Sites experience by building top requested features.

We’ve identified that you own one or more active classic Sites. You must take action before September 2021 to avoid disruption.

Additionally, starting November 1, 2020, site creation will no longer be available in classic Sites. Any newly generated websites will only be available in the new experience.

What do I need to do?

We’ve created a new Classic Sites Manager to help you transition your website(s) using the options below:

Learn more about how to manage your transition.

Learn more about the new Google Sites

We’ve listened to your feedback, and your top requests are now included in the new Sites experience.

See what’s new in Google Sites.

For additional resources on what you need to know and how to manage your transition, visit the Sites Help Center."

Discuss Google Sites

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Other Resources

Listed below are a number of helpful sites that I have encountered by following and taking part in discussions in the Google Help forums.

Google Help Resources

A good place to start is Google's own Help pages

Another really good resource if you want to find out more about how best to use Google Sites is the Sites Help Forum. You can learn a lot by simply reading the discussions and by asking questions. There are many people there only too pleased to help out.

Other Google Sites experts