Images / Photos

There are several ways of adding images to a Google Site

Using the 'Images' icon on the 'Insert' tab (pictured) allows you to upload an image directly to the Site. The image in this section has been uploaded to this Site.

Google Sites expert Steegle has documented the capabilities (and limitations) of uploaded images in this article: 

Note that the image address that can be found by right-clicking on the image is not static - it will change over time - meaning that Google Sites is not suitable to be used as an image repository. Use Google Drive or Google Photos for that.

2. Embed from Google Drive

Embedded from Google Drive

The image in this section has been embedded from Google Drive. For display on this Site it has been resized. A link has been added (by clicking on the image and selecting the link tool) to the image on Google Drive. How to get the link to use is shown below. Clicking on the image will open the original in the Google Drive viewer.