Embedding Google Docs

Google Docs URL Parameters

I am not aware of any official documentation of the various parameters/arguments that can be used in conjunction with Google Docs URLs, but I have found an unofficial list here.

I have tried some of these in some of the tips I have given. But as they are not 'official' they may or may not continue to work. I have copied the list from that page below so it may be worth checking the source to see if any others have been added.









&copyDestination=[Drive FolderID] 










&ui=2 (interface version) 

&chrome=[false] (full screen mode) 



&frameborder=[size of border] 

&q=[Search Query] 
















&tq=[query params here]


Example of usage

If you want to provide a link to a Google Doc and force a copy to be made rather than have it just open then use the /copy suffix.



Some parameters are only appropriate for certain doctypes - e.g &range= would only make sense for a spreadsheet