T&C Violation

One of the most common questions that crops up time and time again in the Google Sites help forums relates to Site or page disablements due to Terms of Service violations. 

You may see the message:

This page has been taken down for viewing. This is due to its violation of the terms of service or program policies

Google never provide information about what specifically may have caused the Site to be flagged for a ToS violation as this would provide information to spammers to help them avoid ToS violations for spam Sites.

If you haven't already, you need to request an appeal by clicking on the 'appeal form' link and wait 3-4 days and keep checking back to see if your Site/page has been restored. You will not receive any communication from Google either way.

The most frequent reason we see for this happening is if your Site links to another website that's know to have malware on it or known for phishing.

The best things to try (other than 'appeal') are:

To  help avoid this type of Site disablements in future, I highly recommend using a paid for version ofGoogle Workspace and creating/transferring your Sites to that.